Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yet Another Museum Story !!!

Room 5 were writing stories about their Museum trip. Their teacher, Mrs. Jenny She has recorded this one for you to enjoy.


Beni said...

Hello my name is Beni from room 18. What an awesome story. I think it's great when you saw some dinosaur fossils and bones.I will put another comment on bye .

Bobbi-Grace said...

Hi Sounds like you have had a good day at the museum learning more about dinosaur and fossils.
Cant wait to hear another recount bye.

From Bobbi-Grace

Room 3 PBS said...

We liked listening to your story on the museum. We went to the museum as well and saw Su the T Rex.

She had missing bones and we loved lookimg at the video movie.

From Room 3, Panmure Bridge School

AngeNZ said...

Hi Taeshell

It's been a long time since I have looked at your blog and you have done some fantastic reading and writing.

I loved hearing about some of the activities you did at the museum.

I look forward to hearing more about what the dinosaurs you are studying.

Mrs Armstrong-Lush