Friday, January 9, 2009

The Year that Was--Room 5 (Part 3)

Room 5 and other Year 1 students visited the zoo in March 2008. This event was very important because the students really had a fun time learning about the animals and a lot of good writing and oral language were generated as a result of this happy trip. The video clip was made using the photos taken in the trip! Please enjoy!


Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 5,

Thanks very much for sharing your zoo photos and favourite animals. I love watching the giraffes when I go to the zoo and they look great in photos. Did you see any baby animals? I just love visiting the zoo, there is always something new and lots of different animals to look at. Keep up the great work.

From, Miss Paton

Leeza said...

Hi Room Five! I just came back from my trip to New Zealand and yes, I went to Auckland. It is such a wonderful and clean country compared to China. You are certainly lucky to be living there.
Talk to you soon!

sylvia said...

Thank You for sharing your zoo story It was awesome and I really liked how you descrbed your words.Your photo's are awesome and I wish I went to the zoo just like you.I hope you had are fun time.By sylvia